diciembre 6, 2023

Ficohsa Bank promotes the “Art Contributes to Education” initiative.

Ficohsa Bank through the “Educating Our Future” has worked strongly for 22 years to contribute in an integrated and sustainable manner with the pre-basic education of Honduran boys and girls, having as the main focus the increase of coverage, quality and educational innovation.

With an innovative strategy implemented to guarantee the continuity of the education under the current context, putting renewed methodologies into effect to join teachers, fathers, mothers and those in charge in this stage that implies a part of high importance to the formation of the kids.

Ficohsa Bank is aware of the importance of the art in childhood development.

In this opportunity, considering the importance that art has in the development of childhood, in making the expression of their ideas and emotions possible, Ficohsa Bank promotes the initiative “The Art Contributes to Education”.

With this initiative a space is opened to support more than eight thousand boys and girls beneficiaries of the 140 Preschool Education Centers that this important financial group supports nationwide.

Capital that assures school feeding for the children.

As a donation of the Ficohsa Financial Group, with this first initiative with the Collection of the Renowned Honduran Painter Ulises Rivera, 24 of his great works that decorated the Ficohsa main building were exhibited for several years, generating also that feeling of pride for the Honduran talent with its Homemade initiative.

This activity was done to gather a capital that ensured school feeding for boys, girls and their families, pedagogical support and formation for teachers, endowing of textbooks and educational supply, betterment in the educational centers’ infrastructure, integrating now the component of biosecurity and a continuing following to the education of every student.